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Find Out If You Use WordPress.Com or WordPress.Org

The most common question that many WordPress users struggle with is how to tell if their website is on either WordPress.com or WordPress.org. On this blog post, we share the most basic ways of telling the two apart. The key difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is hosting. Let us begin by defining web hosting. It […]

Managed WordPress Hosting And Support

Managed WordPress hosting and support in a single, affordable package is hard to come by.  Although many companies offer fully managed WordPress hosting, and others offer WordPress technical support, few combine the two. Really this makes no sense: websites need hosting and websites need maintenance – it’s just a fact of the digital world.  But […]

Premium WordPress Hosting And Support

Premium WordPress hosting and support Premium WordPress hosting and support is ideal for companies with WordPress websites who want to leave the management of their site to experts.  They can focus on their business whilst the WP experts look after the website. What does premium WordPress hosting and support cover? As the name suggests, premium […]

Why Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster?

You may be aware that many people talk about making a WordPress website load faster, but don’t really understand why.  We can enlighten you: there are 2 very important reasons why you should care about the loading speed of your website. Reason 1 – Improved User Experience For website users there is nothing more annoying […]