Standard, Advanced, And Advanced Plus Options Provide A Great Home For Your Website

WordPress Managed Hosting

Private Servers and Virtual Private Server Options Also Available

Standard Hosting

Our Entry Level

Suitable for simple websites/blogs with little traffic or resiliance

Advanced Hosting

Our Most Popular Package

Suitable for business websites, e-commerce etc. that require enhanced speed, security, backup and uptime

Advanced Hosting Plus

Our Premium Business Package

As our Advanced package with 5Gb storage and increased monthly visitors – scaleable in both storage size and visitor volume

A Plan To Suit Everyones Needs

If you require Virtual Private Server Hosting or something unique that we can build for you, get in touch

Not Sure Which WordPress Hosting Option Is Right For You?

We are experts in WordPress hosting from single page websites and simple blogs, to complex sites with many pages. We run the server using our technical skills, so you can simply get on with running your business.

Shared Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting


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