How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress – Updated June 2019

Knowing how to duplicate a page in WordPress is a handy trick! Creating a great page or post in WordPress can take minutes. Creating a spectacular post, however, takes a lot of time. You need to do your research, write insightful content, and then you need to fine-tune it to make the post uniquely yours. You have to add images, SEO elements, bullets, numbering, and headers to make the post easy-to-read, and you should add shareable social media buttons to enable readers to spread the word easily.

That’s why it’s so important to save yourself time by learning how to duplicate a page in WordPress – or indeed duplicating a post. There are several ways to do it.

1. Duplicating a Page in WordPress – Method #1: Duplicate Post Plugin

Step 1:  Installing the Plugin

The WordPress Duplicate Post plugin is a very handy tool to have on any WordPress website.  To install it, navigate to the Plugins tab in the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard. When the page opens up, click on Add New. Type Duplicate Post in the search bar, and click on Search. The Duplicate Post result should appear on the page, with an “Install Now” button underneath. Click on that, and then on OK. Follow the prompts until you see the Activate Plugin option.

how to duplicate a page in wordpress







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Step 2:  Duplicate the Post

From the dashboard, click on Posts > All posts

duplicate a post in wordpress


Choose the post you wish to duplicate from the posts listing and place your cursor underneath the name of the post. A menu with options will appear.

Two options are available:

duplicate a page in wordpress

a) Click on Clone if you want to copy the page or post without opening it.

b) Click on New Draft if you want to copy the page or post and open it in the Editor window in draft mode.


2. Duplicating a Page in WordPress – Method #2: Using Visual Composer

If you use Visual Composer duplicating a WordPress page or post couldn’t be easier.

Simply design your page layout, then from the template menu, select “Save current page as a template” and give the template a name.


visual composer duplicate page in wordpress


Then when you create a new page, select your template from the templates menu, and it will be used on the new page.


3. Duplicating a Page in WordPress – Method #3: Advanced Layout Builder

Some WordPress themes have built-in page and post duplication functions.

Enfold uses the Advanced Layout Builder which makes it simple to duplicate a page or post.

If you want to clone a page you save it as a template and give the template a suitable name:

avia layout builder duplicate page


When you need to add a new page, click on Templates, and choose the template name you saved on the previous step and that will load the same page.


4. And Finally Double Check

When you are clear about how to duplicate a page in WordPress by following one of the options above, you will have duplicated an entire post or page, including the title, tags, categories, contents and more – so you won’t have to fiddle around with new formatting or the like.

It just remains for you to check the content on the page or post, change the SEO fields, update images etc and check it all for accuracy before hitting publish.

Duplicating a page in WordPress is very easy – provided you have the right tools!

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