WordPress Support Specialists White Label Partnership

'We help your business fix, support, and maintain your clients' WordPress websites - let us do what we do best so you an crack on with doing what you do best - whilst making extra money in the process!

WordPress is the most popular website building and hosting service in the world. Over 64 million websites are powered by WordPress, almost 40% of the internet.

At WordPress Support Specialists, we take care of anyone who uses WordPress, wants to switch over to WordPress, or is looking to start using WordPress for their small business.

Whether you’re a web design agency, marketing, hosting, or creative company, when you become a WP Support Specialists White Label Partner, we’ll become part of your team, dealing with all of your clients’ WordPress-related issues for you, under your name and banner.

We understand that your business specialises in delivering what your clients hired you for – not for maintaining, fixing, or developing their WordPress websites.

Inevitably, new requirements and issues will arise with your clients’ WordPress sites and these issues can have a domino effect that causes your business to suffer too.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could solve all their WordPress problems, building additional trust with them, whilst collecting an additional fee for doing so?

Now you can!

Become a WP Support Specialists White Label Partner, so your business can carry on serving your clients by doing what you do best, and let us focus on what we do best – providing support for all things WordPress!

A Profitable Partnership…

Lifelong 20% Discount

You’ll get a 20% discount off our normal prices for all plans for the duration of our partnership so you can decide what prices you offer the plans to your clients at, meaning you're in control of how much more money you make each and every month.
And the best bit? Once you’ve sold a plan, we’ll take it from there, and do all the work for you!

Fixed Prices Forever

We know how important it is to stay in control of your costs and be able to plan for the future. We won’t ever increase the price of your pre-existing plans. So you never need to worry about having those awkward conversations with your clients about passing on any additional costs to them!

Total Flexibility

As your clients’ businesses adapt and grow with your help, so might the support & maintenance requirements of their WordPress websites. Never fear - you can change your clients' plans in line with where they’re at and what they need at any given time.

Special Offer Placeholder

We offer all of our White Label Partners this very SPECIAL OFFER PLACEHOLDER so not only will you get all of the WordPress support and maintenance you need for your clients’ websites, you’ll also get XXXXXXXXX so that you can YYYYYYYYYYYY.

How It Works


Tell us about your business and your clients, so we can get to know you, discover what your support requirements are, and get off on the right foot

Pick Plans

We help you pick the plan you need for each of your clients (2 plans minimum). You can pick a different level of plan for each individual client, so they get the most appropriate one for the support their site requires.


We'll ask you to create a wpsupport@youragency email address so that every email we send to your clients from our help desk will have your own banner and signature.

We will guide you through the process with a 1-1 Zoom Call, and before you know it, we’ll be part of your team!

White Label Partnership Plans

Our White Label Partnership plans provide fast, first-rate service to your clients, showing them you are taking that extra step to ensure all their website support & maintenance needs are taken care of.


Support & Maintenance

For simple WordPress websites

£48 +VAT
per month


Support & Maintenance

For tighter security and unlimited edits

£96 +VAT
per month


Support & Maintenance

For advanced functionality sites and speed

£140 +VAT
per month


Support & Maintenance

For custom coded or e-commerce sites and ultimate management

£236 +VAT
per month

All Our White Label Partnership Plans Include

24/7 Email Support

Your clients can raise tickets 24/7 via your wpsupport@youragency email address. We'll take care of them directly, responding within the timeframes promised depending on the plan they are on.

Ticket Interface

You'll have access to our Monday.com board for each of your clients so you can check on the status of all tasks and complete transparency on every interaction we have with your clients.

Monthly Reporting

We send you monthly reports documenting every change or update that has been made to each of your client's websites.

Add New Plans

When you sell a new support & maintenance plan, you can effortlessly onboard your new clients by adding new plans to your account in our system.

Want Something Even More Bespoke?

If you want a more tailor-made plan or only want WordPress support & maintenance on an Adhoc basis, you can hire us to sort out any and all WordPress issues your clients may have, big or small. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no hidden or extra fees – all of our plans and prices are 100% transparent – what you see is what you get. To qualify as a White Label Partner, all you need is a minimum of 2 WordPress websites to be managed.

The first step is to book a Free Intro Call to discuss how we can help you grow your business and what support & maintenance requirements your clients’ websites have.

We then ask you to securely send us the login credentials for all of your clients’ sites so we can advise on appropriate plans for each.

When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll send you a secure payment link to start your monthly direct debit (fees will then be collected each month from the date you sign up)

Finally, we’ll ask you to set up a wpsupport@youragency.com email address for us to contact your clients under your name and banner. We’ll also provide you with links so your clients can access our ticketing interface to log issues or edits to be made.

We will advise you on this after your Free Intro Call. Our Specialists will assess which plan is required for each site based on what functionality it has and what level of maintenance necessary.

We will never raise the prices of plans you’ve already purchased from us – the price you pay for month 1 will be fixed forever for those plans. That doesn’t mean we won’t ever raise our prices when our operating costs increase in the future. So subsequent plans would be charged at the new prices but would also be fixed at that price forever.

Yes, it does! Your clients can submit as many edit requests as they like for our team to work through. Tasks will be worked on one at a time, in the order they are submitted, completing one before moving on to the next. The time it takes to complete each task will depend on the size and complexity of the request.

Whilst we can’t provide an example of every possible item that is included or not, we’ve endeavoured to list the most common items we’re asked for. If you need to clarify anything, please get in touch.

Included: Editing and adding content on a page or post with text or images you provide, small styling changes via the page builder or CSS, adding a new plugin with its default settings, adding a product to your WooCommerce store.

Not Included: Building a new website, editing any custom code whether that be within the website or a plugin etc. migrating your website from one server/host to another, graphic design, content creation, sourcing images, sourcing specific themes or plugins, writing custom code.

Edit Example 1: We WILL edit the copy and text format on your Homepage if you provide us with the content.

We WON’T write new copy for your Homepage or format it without instructions.

Edit Example 2: We WILL install and set up a new plugin to enhance your website’s functionality with its features.

We WON’T design and install a custom plugin to create new functionality and features for your website.

Edit Example 3: We WILL upload a blog post for you if you provide us with copy, images, and a formatting brief.

We WON’T write a blog for you, source images, or provide formatting ideas.

Edit Example 4: We WILL add a new item to your WooCommerce store if you provide us with all the product details.

We WON’T build a new store or checkout for you.



We will edit existing pages and can add single page blogs (given a formatting brief inc. layout, copy and images). Edit requests with multiple pages and content formats such as membership course content, are not included with Unlimited Edits, but can be carried out as an adhoc task for an additional fee.

We will happily discuss and do our best to help you with any of the items that are not included in Unlimited Edits for an extra development fee, charged by the hour.

Yes, you can. We don’t tie you into any lengthy or complicated contracts. Simply email your Client Manager and we’ll action the changes you want to make starting from the next payment month. Please note: it may not be possible to downgrade certain sites if they have advanced functionality like membership areas or eCommerce.

Our pricing model is set up to offer as much value as we can at competitive rates, whilst keeping it as streamlined as possible.

WP Support Specialists are based all over the World, working asynchronously, so we know that we can deliver better client support with highly consistent response times using our ticketing system and email.

That being said, if you ever want to discuss your White Label Partnership account or experience, you can email your Client Manager to book a Zoom call.

Other Specialist White Label WordPress Services

On top of regular support and maintenance, your clients may need other work carried out on their websites. We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at the other WordPress services we offer at a 10% discount to all our White Label Partners:

WordPress Hosting

Do your clients need hosting services to get up and running? No problem - we offer several WordPress Hosting packages:

  • Standard Hosting for Simple Websites
  • Advanced Hosting for Business and E-commerce Websites
  • Ultimate Hosting for High Monthly Visitors — 5GB Storage

WordPress Malware Removal

Malware is the No. 1 reason small business websites go down. Malware can cause any number of debilitating problems to a website, and if left unchecked or not removed, can shut down your client’s online business.

Our malware removal services will fix any malware issues your clients WordPress website may have. We can also help them recover their website and any information they may have lost during a malware attack.

WordPress Migration

Moving a small business website to WordPress can be stressful. Our migration service ensures seamless transition to WordPress with little or no downtime. Small business owners know they need to test everything thoroughly before implementing anything for their business.

WordPress Support Specialists offer a safe place to test your clients' new websites to ensure everything works properly before handover and going live.

WordPress Design

A good first impression is essential - both for visitors to your clients’ websites and your clients’ first dealings with your business. We appreciate how overwhelming it can be for a busy agency when you’ve got enquiries coming in left, right, and centre, on top of the tight existing deadlines you have to meet for your existing clients.

Not to mention when a designer falls ill or doesn’t quite have the skills to deliver what you need. Let us help relieve the strain by increasing your WordPress Design capacity, providing cover, or alternative skills.

WordPress Development

Designing a professional website is one thing, but developing it is another. We understand that it is not always possible to offer both. So if you’re a design or creative agency who wants to add a development service to your business, WP Support Specialists can make that happen:

We have over 10 years of experience in creating great WordPress websites and we’ll work with you using our proven process to create websites that meets your clients’ requirements. We also specialise in further development tasks such as:

  • eCommerce
  • Membership & booking systems
  • New themes or plugins
  • And much more…

WordPress SEO

Your clients may have the best designed and developed site on the web - but it's not much good if their ideal customers can't find it! They need great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure their website ranks well in search engine results.

The very best website SEO combines technical know-how and exceptional content marketing. Our WordPress SEO packages include:

  • SEO Strategy
  • On-page SEO for every page of your clients’ sites
  • Advanced keyword research (including competitor analysis)
  • SEO copywriting
  • Link building
  • Reporting

Let us do what we do best, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

A Guide for Agencies & Freelancers:

How To Sell WordPress Support & Maintenance

Add value to your clients by helping them grow their business as you grow yours!