Malware is the #1 reason why websites go down and stay down

WordPress Malware Removal

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We Remove Your WordPress Malware Infection Fast

We know how dangerous malware can be because we help our clients recover their sites from these attacks every single day.

Malware infections are on the rise, with the end-user and small businesses being hit the hardest.

Malware is used to sneak into the back end of a website where attackers can alter your website, damage your company’s reputation and steal private customer data.

While some website attacks are harmless, others could result in your website being blacklisted – not ideal if you rely on your website to boost your bottom line.

Malware attacks happen on a daily basis and all website owners should be prepared for the possibility. 

Find Out What Our WordPress Malware Removal Service Includes

WP Support Specialists are here to ensure that any malware that finds its way onto your site has minimal impact on your business as well as your customers.

While there are a number of free malware removal tools available to WordPress website owners, in many instances, important code is removed at the same time as the malware.

At WPSS, we manually remove malware and restore your website to its original state. Our team of experienced developers has years of experience, ensuring minimal data loss and fast turnaround times.

Once malware has been detected, we will assess the damage and use an approach that won’t affect your core files.

If possible we will also determine how your website was attacked so that steps can be taken to correct any vulnerabilities. 

Ongoing Protection for Your Site

A site that is not up to date is far more prone to malware attacks and general functionality issues.

As a WPSS client, we will update and scan your WordPress site for malware on a regular basis. When you’re running the latest version of WordPress, are free of any unnecessary plugins and have set strong passwords, you are already much less susceptible to an online attack.

Go one step futher and take advanatge of our Advanced Hosting Package which provides hardware and software based protection at the server level to stop malware attacks in their tracks.

Should the worst happen, give no public facing website is unhackable, and you get infected whilst on our advanced hosting – we will clear your site free of charge!

Let us take care of things on the back end of your site while you focus on your business.


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