WordPress Optimisation

Rock solid security, lightning-fast speed, and comprehensive performance monitoring are all ways we help optimise your WordPress website to ensure it’s functioning at its best so you can get the very most out of it for your business.

Client compliments:

"I Often Feel Like Their Only Customer" "You‘ve Made Our Website A Great Place To Be Again" "Miles Ahead Of Their Competition In Terms Of Response, Attitude, Delivery And Cost"

Why is WordPress Optimisation Essential For Your Site?

The top priority for all WordPress websites is to ensure that the core system is up to date and that themes and plugins are updated regularly.

Overlooking this means that your website will be vulnerable to security attacks and simply won’t function optimally. That is why all of our WordPress Support & Maintenance Plans include the big basics you need to ensure your website is super safe and working the way you need it to.

Once you have this foundation set, there are a number of additional WordPress Optimisation techniques that we use to help boost your website’s performance even higher.

WordPress Optimsation For The Best Website Performance

Speed up your website

Increase Search Engine Traffic

Keep your website up to date

Security Optimisation

WP Defender delivers the best in WordPress plugin security. Providing you with over 20 ways of hardening and protecting your website.

Our Specialists will install it and make sure every setting and option is configured for maximum security for your specific website. We’ll also monitor for any future threats or vulnerabilities.

Speed Optimisation

A speedier website not only gets the thumbs up from your clients but is also looked on more favourably by Google.

The very best websites provide a great user experience, and that starts with fast-loading pages. Nowadays nobody is prepared to wait for more than a few seconds for a website to load. If your site isn’t rapid, visitors won’t hang around to find out what you have to offer – they’ll be off to a competitor’s faster site.

Don’t miss out on potential clients with a sluggish site!


We begin by using tools like GTMetrix to analyse how your site speed is, what might be running slow, and discover how we can get your site running at lightning speed across different devices, browsers, and locations around the World.

WP Rocket

We then start to take care of the basics like reviewing your hosting provider (slow providers = slow sites), adding caching options so the complete site loads faster, minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as avoiding landing page redirects and minimising redirects in general.

WP Smush Pro

The fastest, easiest and best-performing image compression plugin for WordPress. We use WP Smush Pro to optimise all of the image sizes on your website to improve Google Page Speed without losing image quality.

Installing a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We will also install a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers distributing your site from nearer where your visitors are from. This allows your website to be available fast wherever it is viewed around the World.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our support & maintenance plans from the SECURE level up provide varying elements of WordPress Optimisation on a monthly basis to ensure your site is running at its very best.

Yes, we can optimise the area of your website you require as a one-off project. Although many WordPress features require ongoing optimisation to keep them functioning as intended.

Yes! Simply get in touch to arrange a Free Intro Call to discuss all of the requirements you have in more detail.

Book in for a free call to have a chat about your custom requirements – we will advise you about what is best to get the advanced, bespoke functionality you want for your website.

The cost of WordPress Optimisation can vary widely depending on the scope and complexity of what you need done. We will provide a no-obligation quote after having a chat with you about your optimisation requirements.

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