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Frequently Asked Questions

Over 10 years. We’ve fixed thousands of WordPress issues. Small issues, big issues, Malware infected websites, slow hosting, the list is endless. That is what we do day in, day out.

For an Emergency Fix, simply enter details of your problem on our online form and complete the checkout process here. One of our team will come back within 2 hours to help.

For development projects and support & maintenance plans, you can book in directly for a Free Intro Call to discuss your requirements.

For all of our other services, please complete our general Contact Form, selecting the service you require from the drop-down list. We’ll then come back to you to discuss your needs in detail.

Your website, your decision on who you host with.

Hosting with us does provide benefits including a single point of contact and generally faster response times on hosting-related issues.

If you work with your own hosting company, you may need to contact them directly with support issues as some won’t deal with a 3rd party like us.

We’ll need information on your hosting company at the outset to let you know if there are any additional costs involved in supporting your site on specific hosting platforms. 95% of the time there aren’t any, and most times any additional costs are related to hosting services like AWS, Pantheon, or Unsupported hosting via VPS setup etc.

Yes, we do. We use and we can create a board for you where you can add your requests, see the progress of your project, and provide feedback.

You will require a domain name and website hosting. Depending on your specific website you may require premium video clips, images, and/or premium plugins that provide specific functionality for your site.

8 am – 6 pm. Based on CET time zone.

Generally, we don’t work weekends. We find that with good planning and execution, it’s not necessary. If you have a specific requirement for this, we can discuss the potential for working on the weekend.

Our pricing model is set up to offer as much value as we can at competitive rates, whilst keeping it as streamlined as possible.

WP Support Specialists are based all over the World, working asynchronously, so we know we can deliver better client support with highly consistent response times using our ticketing system and email.

That being said, if you ever want to discuss your support & maintenance plan or experience, you can email your Client Manager to book a Zoom call.

We know from our own experience, it makes a huge difference to speak to a real human being, or, have a live chat, Facebook message, or email conversation with someone who understands and cares about your business. Someone who “gets” the stress you may be going through.

When people contact us, it’s generally because they want to find a company that specialises in WordPress support and development. That is what we do day-in, day-out. It’s all we do. We don’t work on Joomla! sites, Squarespace sites, or anything else – We are WordPress through and through.

We’ve fixed thousands of WordPress issues. Small issues, big issues, Malware infected websites, slow hosting, the list is endless. We’ve added customisations, developed new functionality, and even created new websites for clients that have made them very happy.

We’re Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things WordPress. If You Can’t Find The Service You Need, Please Get In Touch.

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