Paint By Numbers Website Design

Our WordPress website design process makes building your site so smooth, simple, and stress-free that you might actually enjoy the experience!

WordPress is the most popular website-building and hosting service in the world.

It offers tight security, high-speed performance, and flexibility to customise your site by adding new functionality with ease.

It is friendly for search engines so your site can get seen by the right people and with over 64 million websites powered by WordPress, almost 40% of the internet, there’s plenty of support and advice within the eco-system…

So you can see why it might make sense to build your new website on the WordPress Platform!

Unfortunately, for a lot of people the process of building their new website is far from straightforward and very costly. We’ve been there ourselves with other developers and agencies:

  • The broken promises
  • The long silences
  • The chasing for updates
  • The missed deadlines
  • Designs that end up looking nothing like you pictured!

We have over 10 years of experience designing and developing WordPress websites and we know that there is an easier way for you.

Paint By Numbers Design

Step 1Pick your Domain Name

All of our PBN WordPress design projects include one free or .com domain name for the first year.

Step 2Pick your WordPress Theme

You can get inspiration from our broad selection of themes based on which is most suitable for the niche your business is in.

Step 3Decide on your Sitemap

Pick the names of your 5 core pages.

Eg: Homepage/About Us/Services/Contact /Blog

Step 4Page Layout

Choose the sections and running order for each of your 5 pages

Step 5Select Movement for each section

Decide on how dynamic you want your page sections to be with things like fly-in, slide up or in from the side, appear, etc or simply keep your design static.

Step 6Select Style

Do you want a sharp, corporate, professional edge and feel? Or a softer, warmer, more personal feel? We’ll help you decide what works best for your business.

Step 7Select Fonts

Choose from a wide selection of standard Google fonts or pay a little extra for a premium font.

Step 8Share Copy

Provide us with what you want to say on each section of each page and we will populate your site.

Step 9Share Images

Provide us with the images you want & where you want them to go so we can upload, format, optimise, and position them for you.

Step 10Logo

Provide us with your logo for your site’s banner and favicon


Once we've worked through steps 1-10 and you give us the green light, we will launch your site within 72 hours!

Ready to Build Your WordPress Website?

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t offer more than 5 pages to start with in order to keep your site as simple as possible, enabling us to get your website live as fast as we can so you can begin to drive traffic to it ASAP!
Once your site is live, we can quote for any additional pages you’d like to add or discuss more advanced functionality like a membership area, eCommerce store or custom plugins for booking systems, etc.
At the end of the first year you will need to pay a renewal fee of approximately £10+ vat for a domain name or £13.50+ vat for a .com domain name. These are annual prices. Other domain name prices will vary.

Yes! You can check out our Support & Maintenance Plans to make sure your new website is backed up, updated, protected, and optimised for speed and performance!

Once we have completed the 10 steps of the PBN design process with you and you’ve submitted all of the information we need, we will have your site live within 72 hours.

You can check out our WordPress Education page where you’ll find guides if you want to make the changes yourself. Alternatively, for an additional fee, we can make the changes you want for you.

If you’re going to need to make regular edits to your site, we recommend checking out our Support & Maintenance Plans