Building an Educational Platform and Website Revision

Two Purple Carrots


Lauren wanted to build an educational platform via her own personal website where she could upload educational videos from 10-60mins in length, upload weekly articles and also have a messaging feature so that individuals could talk to each other through the platform to build a sense of community on the platform.

Users needed to be able to sign up with a username and password because there would be a monthly charge for the platform. This also meant that e-commerce capability was essential.

Lauren was also looking for a simple re-vamp of her website with updated photos/videos/colours etc. She needed help with design and layout options as well as improved user capabilities.



Lauren has been great to work with. It's been a big project to bring together the front end of the website design and also the functionality to allow for webinars, membership facilities, e-commerce, and more. Lauren is a great communicator and a recommended client!