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WordPress Plugins – 10 Essentials Every WP Website Deserves

The beauty of WordPress plugins is that they can be simply installed on your WordPress website to increase its functionality.  By itself, the core WP system is lean, and functions on the bare essential coding.  But by installing carefully selected WordPress plugins, you can create a mean machine which functions precisely as you need it […]

WordPress Version 4.7 And News Round Up December 2016

WordPress Version 4.7 – All you need to know WordPress does like to name its new versions after legendary folk – and WordPress version 4.7 is no exception! Named “Vaughan” after jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, the latest WordPress update is now available to from your WordPress dashboard or via download (after you have done […]

WordPress Website Security: 20 Ways To Give Hackers The Runaround

It’s a sad fact that malicious malware and website hacking are an all too common reality. Therefore it’s imperative to seriously consider your WordPress website security and take appropriate steps to keep it out of the clutches of hackers. Our list below outlines 20 easy steps you can take to maintain your WordPress website security […]

Planned WordPress Maintenance – Is It Really Necessary?

You may have heard mention of planned WordPress maintenance, but even if you have a WordPress website, you may think it’s not strictly necessary. And if that’s your view, then you’ll be one of the thousands of WordPress managers who all feel the same way! Shocking Statistics The results of a 2015 WordPress survey conducted […]

Question of The Week – WordPress Vulnerabilities

This week’s Question is all about WordPress vulnerabilities. “Given all the recent press regarding WordPress vulnerabilities, is it a safe system to use?” Listen to the video for the answer, or read the transcription below. Hi there and welcome to the question of the week. This week’s question comes from Michelle Collins, who is based in […]