Premium WordPress hosting and support

Premium WordPress hosting and support is ideal for companies with WordPress websites who want to leave the management of their site to experts.  They can focus on their business whilst the WP experts look after the website.

What does premium WordPress hosting and support cover?

As the name suggests, premium WordPress hosting and support is a top-notch service which includes:

  • WordPress specific hosting. This is specifically designed to deal with the “application nuances” of this CMS and ensures optimal caching and security for WP sites
  • A fast loading website. This is needed to please Google (and so show high in search results) and to please website visitors
  • The ability to quickly fix any security issues identified by WordPress
  • Regular maintenance of the website. This includes daily back-ups, malware protection, plus core and plugin updates
  • 24/7 WordPress support if things go wrong
  • WordPress support services delivered by experts who work solely with the WordPress platform and know everything there is to know

Does every business need WordPress hosting and support?

Whilst business owners realise they need to host their website via a third party hosting party, many mistakenly believe that they can support their site without external assistance.  However, unless they are an expert in all things WordPress, things have a tendency to go horribly wrong.

For example, WordPress plugins and core updates need to be made frequently.  But if the whole website isn’t backed up properly first and something goes wrong, a lot of data is going to be lost.

Similarly if the site isn’t fully protected against hackers and malware, and actively checked for malicious behaviour, it can become compromised.

At this point, business owners realise their error. They then have to find WP experts who offer emergency support, and pay out hundreds or thousands of pounds for the experts to put the problems right.  And during this process of course, the website isn’t working and the business is losing potential sales.

How much more sensible it would have been to follow the “prevention is better than cure” philosophy.

What’s the solution?

For all of these reasons, we have created a WordPress premium plan which offers both fast, reliable hosting and superb support.  Our WP experts support small businesses and pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with them.  Not for us the impersonal approach of the “big” hosting companies (such as Godaddy and Bluehost) where you are just one customer amongst hundreds of thousands.

Are you fed up trying to deal with your hosting company? Are they slow to respond and then simply blame the WordPress platform itself for poor performance? Do you need regular support from friendly, experienced WP experts to keep your website ticking over reliably? If yes, then consider our premium WordPress hosting and support package.