wordpress version 4.7 and wordpress news december 2016

WordPress Version 4.7 And News Round Up December 2016

WordPress Version 4.7 – All you need to know

WordPress does like to name its new versions after legendary folk – and WordPress version 4.7 is no exception!

Named “Vaughan” after jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, the latest WordPress update is now available to from your WordPress dashboard or via download (after you have done a complete backup of your site before updating, of course).Some of the new WordPress version 4.7 features we love include:

– a new default theme “Twenty Seventeen” which people are raving about for its large images, video headers and mobile-first design

thumbnail previews of PDF files in the media library

– “edit shortcuts” – visible icons shown in preview mode which allow you to edit in one simple click

multiple languages in the dashboard, ideal for multi-lingual teams

For a more complete overview of WordPress v4.7, check out this article from WordPress.org

News Round Up December 2016

Top 15 Most Popular Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes 2016

Multipurpose WordPress themes are hugely popular – no surprise since they have extensive feature lists and a wide range of powerful tools built.  Here’s a review of  the top 15 most popular multipurpose WordPress themes — based on sales figures, reputation, and usage.

From WinningWP – Read the article here

How to Style WordPress Navigation Menus

For anyone who wants to customise the colour or appearance of their WordPress navigation menus – using a plugin or manually – this is a must read article.

From wpbeginner – Read the article here

On-Page SEO – 10 Bare Necessities To Boost Rankings 

Unsure about your on-page SEO?  Think it’s all beyond you? Well help is at hand with this article which details 10 important ways to optimise your web pages to help your site rank better in the search engine results.

From Blinkered – Read the article here 

Why is SSL Important For Your Site Security?

A great overview of why your website needs of SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, including an overview of http:// and https:// – and why Google favours https:// websites in the search engine rankings.

From WPLift – Read the article here

15 Creative Free WordPress Themes For Artists

An overview of some of the best WordPress themes for artists, photographers and other arty types who wish to showcase their work.  The themes include animation and parallax effects, plus support for WooCommerce for those who wish to sell their work.

From WPeka – Read the article here

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wordpress plugins update

Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in WordPress

A cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in WordPress has been reported which affects multiple plugins.  This has come about due to the erroneous use of certain popular functions used to modify and add query strings to URLs by developers.

Security company Sucuri has checked nearly 400 plugins and found a number contained the vulnerable code*.  However since there are thousands of WordPress plugins available, some of which are likely to be affected, everyone with a WordPress website should take immediate action to ensure their website is secure.

Action to be Taken:

  1. From your wp-admin dashboard, update out of date plugins now
  2. Check regularly for updates to WP plugins that you use and update them as soon as possible

If you want more information about this vulnerability and how to keep your WordPress website secure, please visit these links:



*Plugins confirmed to be affected by the XXS vulnerability

Alternatively if you need any assistance from WP Support Specialists, just Contact Us

Wordpress User Survey - Codeguard infographic image

CodeGuard WordPress Survey – Surprising Results?

In February 2015, CodeGuard, which offers automated cloud backups, undertook a survey of 503 WordPress users – and the results may surprise you.

Website Backups – or Lack of Them

In the first instance, 22% of respondents believe that website back-up is unimportant!  And this is supported by the fact that 47% back up only every few months, and 22% users stated they did it occasionally – whatever that might mean.

Can this be right?  We can only conclude that these lucky folk have never had to run a code comparison between a live site and backup to find a hacked file, or suffered database corruption and lost everything.

Training – or Lack of It

Perhaps these sanguine individuals should be forgiven – may be this serious oversight is due to a lack of experience and training in WordPress – only 23% of users had received extensive training.  But even without training, surely firsthand experience would make these optimistic souls be a little more savvy about looking after their website – 63% confessed to having deleted files which weren’t backed up.

Plugin Update Failures

This fascinating survey also asked about problems experienced with plugin updates – 69% confirmed they had a plugin fail after an update, and an unfortunate 24% had multiple plugin failures.  Worse still, 21% of respondents have been face to face with the truly frightening WordPress “white screen of death”.

The Cost of Putting Things Right

You may find these results surprising, or you may find yourself nodding sagely having experienced some or all of these problems yourself in the past.  But with such a high proportion of WordPress users experiencing technical issues, why aren’t people taking a more proactive approach to safeguarding their website?

The users surveyed clearly value their website and appreciate it lies at the heart of their business (and often the most important revenue-maker) – if things go wrong, a whopping 24% said they would pay anything to get their site restored.

A Pre-Emptive Strike

Whilst you may be happy to spend anything to get your crashed website back up and running, prevention is always better than cure.  If you’re not an expert WordPress user but the fate of your company’s website lies in your hands, you have two options:

1) get yourself trained up to expert level in WordPress as quickly as possible, learn how to do plugin updates correctly, backup regularly and never make a human error that you can’t fix otherwise you may have to use an emergency WordPress support service.


2) sign up for a regular WordPress maintenance plan where experts will maintain your website, back it up, monitor it for malware, carry out core system, plugin and theme updates without fuss, and be on hand to help you with any problems you encounter.

The choice is of course yours. :-)

If you’d like to find out more about our regular WordPress maintenance plans just click here.

Codeguard infographic WordPress Survey