Managed WordPress hosting and support in a single, affordable package is hard to come by.  Although many companies offer fully managed WordPress hosting, and others offer WordPress technical support, few combine the two.

Really this makes no sense: websites need hosting and websites need maintenance – it’s just a fact of the digital world.  But WordPress website owners have to shop around to find the best managed WP hosting company for their needs.  Then most owners try to manage the regular maintenance themselves, without any training or expertise in WordPress management.

There are several disadvantages to these approaches:

1. Not All Website Hosting Is Created Equal


The size of a website dictates the amount of webspace it requires.  Around 1Gb is fine for small sites with modest website traffic, but the bigger the site, the more webspace it requires.  Those huge, complicated sites with 1000s of visitors plus per day, are going to need to have hosting with unlimited webspace.

It’s not easy to predict the amount of webspace you will need for your site, This makes it hard to find the right hosting package for you.


Hosting can be shared or on a private server – again the best choice depends on the anticipated website traffic.  General shared hosting, as offered by GoDaddy, Bluehost and 123 Reg etc, means your site will share the server with other company websites.  This type of hosting can be adequate for small sites where uptime and site speed are not critical.  For sites with large volumes of traffic is is far from ideal. In the latter case, website speed may be slow and if you have too much traffic, the site is likely to crash

Private server hosting means you have resources that are not shared by others. This provides more power and flexibility than being on a shared account, but costs more.

For a WordPress website, it makes sense to choose WordPress specific hosting. It may be slightly more expensive than general hosting but is optimised for WP.  This ensures the website runs faster and can be more easily maintained.  But many of the “big names” in website hosting don’t offer this option.

In short finding the right hosting package for your WordPress website can be tricky if you don’t  know the right questions to ask.

2. WordPress Maintenance Isn’t All Plain Sailing

In theory, WordPress is a free platform available for all to use. In reality it is hard to maintain a WP site securely if you’re self-taught.

Also many business owners don’t even appreciate the need to regularly maintain their website.  They don’t realise it needs to be backed up regularly, monitored for malware, and that plugin and core updates must be done in a timely manner.

Even those who do realise regular maintenance is essential, don’t have all the skills they need to carry it out effectively. Or alternatively they get so caught up in the demands of their business, that the website maintenance gets overlooked.

The result? At some point or other the website is going to have problems. And at that point, WordPress support is needed. This is another hassle for the business owner who has to find a company to help them as soon as possible.

For all of these reasons, we have created a Managed WordPress Hosting and Support package.  This offers reliable, WP specific hosting and expert support delivered by trained WP specialists.  We work with a modest number of clients, enabling us to provide a truly personal service for each one.  As such our approach is quite different to the likes of Godaddy and Bluehost who manage thousands of customers.

If you’re fed up with your unhelpful WP hosting company, who blame the WordPress platform itself for any problems you report, and want quality support from friendly, WP experts then contact us today.