High Traffic Caused Website To Crash

Edinburgh Casting

Emergency WordPress Support When High Traffic Caused Website To Crash

Edinburgh Casting were in what could be considered an enviable position; due to a video going viral, their eCommerce website saw a huge influx of traffic.  However this caused the website to crash and the company required emergency website support.  This issue also highlighted many behind-the-scenes flaws in the site.

At 10pm, WP Support Specialists was contacted for emergency WordPress support.  The team were working on the website problem within the hour.

Whilst it couldn’t be fixed immediately (the problems were too widespread) the client was relieved to know someone was looking after it ‘around the clock’.

Emergency WordPress Support Leads to Change of Hosting

Edinburgh Casting used to use Bluehost, but found their online emergency website support was increasingly inefficient – having to wait hours in long live chat queues and eventually receiving a sales push about upgrading to a different service level.
When the website crashed and the company realised that hundreds of visitors were unable to interact with their WooCommerce website, they turned to WP Support Specialists.

Not only did WPSS fix the website as soon as was possible – given the high level of problems within the site – but Edinburgh Casting realised the importance of handing over the website maintenance to a team of experts. Consequently they asked WPSS to research the best hosting company for their needs and after migration, the website is faster than ever and the company has the support and service level that they need.


Edinburgh Casting is a small business without the resources to maintain in-house website support.
The crash of their website was a wake-up call. With the help of WPSS they have switched to a new hosting company which provides the service level they need.
“You can’t put a price on the value of a functioning website, nor the cost of a broken one“, says Luis.