Malware Infected Ecommerce Website

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Malicious Malware Infected Ecommerce Website

Toby contacted WP Support Specialists for help with his infected business website.

As the site is e-commerce, every second was costing them money.

This emergency required a reactionASAP. WP Support Specialists found specific database entries which were malware related and cleaned them within hours. The result, a smooth running e-commerce website and a happy client.

Emergency support when every second costs money

Toby was looking for a WP support provider when his site got infected, and his previous provider had recently moved to another country.
WPSS started working on the website immediately and were able to identify and clear the malicious malware quickly, getting the site up and running in hours.

What has the result of working with WPSS been? Toby says “The site is e-commerce so every second was costing us money. WPSS moved swiftly, and without error, to identify and solve the problem in a few hours. What a relief!!”


In case of emergency, time is of utmost importance. WP Support Specialists provided support and fixed the infected site in hours.
Toby says, “WP Support Specialists are spot on. Swift response time in a crisis is important”
We suggested to Toby what to change in order to prevent his website from future infections.