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Managed maintenance, support, development and hosting services for you or your clients that allow you to focus on what you're meant to be doing each day.

You Manage Your Business
We Manage Your Website

Managing your business is hard enough without having additional website maintenance and management issues to think about.

We give you more time to focus on your business by removing the headaches that come along with managing and maintaining your or your clients websites, saving you hours every week! Here are some of the things our experienced specialists can do for your website:

Manage And Maintain Your WordPress Website

Regular maintenance services are a must have for any business website. Without them you could suffer from security and operational vulnerabilities that will hurt both the reputation of your company and your customers alike! 

We provide affordable monthly service packages to suit your needs depending on how much maintenance work you want us to handle for you. We can even build a plan that meets your exact needs.

WordPress Hosting

Most people think that all website hosting services are the same. In reality, they're not.

When you use a managed WordPress hosting service like WP Support Specialists, your site will be faster, more secure, more reliable and easier to manage. It’s a sensible investment.

WordPress Website Design

Finding a good web designer for your business can be hard. 

The problem with most designers is that they are either too expensive or don’t offer the services you need. Most of them focus on one thing, such as design or development, but not both.

We have over 10 years of experience in creating great websites and we’ll work with you using our proven process to create a website that meets your needs without breaking the bank! We also specialise in ongoing support to ensure your site stays running smoothly after launch.

Emergency WordPress Support

It’s 9pm and your website is down. You have no idea what to do or who to call. You want a fast, reliable service that will get you back online in the shortest time possible! We can fix your website - 24/7 service and 2 hour response time with a money back guarantee.


More WordPress Services to Help Your Business

Our specialists are experts at all things WordPress. These are just a few more of the services we have to offer that can help propel your website to where you need it to be.

Improve Your WordPress Website Performance

Slow speeds affect your visitors’ experience, your Google ranking and your profitability. WordPress Support Specialists will have your website constantly running at top speeds.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a great platform and we love it. However, sometimes you just need someone to do something for you that isn’t available in the core product. Our team of specialists will take care of your development tasks including creating new themes, plugins and any other custom work you need.

WordPress Migration

Migrating a website can be stressful and frustrating. You want to make sure that everything is set up properly, but you also don't want to lose any of your website traffic or rankings during the migration process.

WP Support Specialists have been successfully migrating websites for over 8 years, and we know how to do it right so you can put your faith in us.

WordPress Malware Removal

Malware is the #1 reason why websites go down and stay down. We know how dangerous malware can be because we help our clients recover their sites from these attacks every single day.

WP Support Specialists will fix any kind of malware infection on your WordPress site and remove any malicious code that has been placed there by attackers.


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