WPSS Weekly Round-up 24 Feb 2019

WordPress Support Weekly Round-Up – WordPress Redevelopment

It’s been a busy week for the WPSS team with some WordPress redevelopment projects.

Over and above our usual regular WordPress maintenance, WordPress core updates, WordPress Redevelopment, WordPress plugin updates, backups and more. We’ve been involved in a variety of interesting projects as always.

Award Winning Design Agency:

We’ve been helping a design agency get their clients’ new WordPress website over the line. Fine tuning some of the codings, making things work, and helping to get the site look as it should on all browsers – even the dreaded ie 11 :)


It’s been great to help these guys. They are great to work with because they are very appreciative of our specific expertise in areas they don’t know or don’t have the time to learn.

A great comment from them has been that our relationship means they have a virtual extension of their team and that makes them look bigger and better in front of their clients.

Rebuilding A Badly Built WordPress Website:

Another one of our projects involves redevelopment of a WordPress website which looked good. But it was poorly built by a freelancer. WPSS offered them WordPress Redevelopment to get things looking right.

On the face of it – using a freelancer was a good idea – relatively low cost, a nice portfolio of previous work showed the site would provide a good reflection of the company brand. However, the way the site was built made it difficult for the client to update.

They found updating one page would often break others, when they added tracking code to the site – it broke the site completely.

The low-cost route of the freelancer, unfortunately, cost them more in the end,

  1. The cost and time in the first site
  2. The time in the disruption to their business as they tried to work with the site
  3. The investment and time to rebuild it with ourselves

The new site is complete by our team and the client is delighted. They now have a stable and easy to edit the website.

Advanced Search Feature For WordPress Website:

Adding an advanced search facility to a holidays lettings park has been another interesting project.

This one has been a tricky job as we’ve had to integrate with the existing booking system. To ensure all the correct data is pulled through. Therefore, also working on the styling so it looks great on desktop, tablet and smartphones. This is to give visitors the best user experience possible.

WordPress Developers And Designers:

Finally, we’ve interviewed a selection of potential new team members including, developers, designers and writers from the UK, Egypt, Ukraine, Albania, USA, Philipines and more. We’ll update you on the new additions as soon as they join the WPSS team who now span 6 of the 7 continents of the globe.

So, that’s our wrap-up for this week – Have a great week ahead!