When you have decided to create a WordPress website you need to consider which operating system to use and choose your web hosting company accordingly.  You may have discovered that both Linux and Windows options are available – but which to choose?

There are many articles reviewing the pro’s and con’s of Windows and Linux, but for a WordPress website, Linux web hosting wins hands down.  And here’s why:

  • WordPress runs under a PHP configuration that works like a dream on Linux
  • The most commonly used online database on Linux is MySQL which is more robust than the Microsoft Access database, commonly found on Windows
  • There are low hosting prices as there are no licensing costs – great if you are running multiple servers
  • Linux is an open source platform meaning that developers across the globe all contribute to make the system as good as possible
  • It is simpler to use than you might imagine – most web hosts now offer an intuitive icon-based approach to website management
  • It’s known for its stability and security
  • It’s flexible enough to allow code and application customisation

In contrast when it comes to Windows and WordPress:

  •  WordPress needs a slightly different PHP configuration to normal and on Windows, there needs to be an element of manual reconfiguration which the hosting company may not be willing to perform.
  • When the Microsoft Access database is used, it runs slower than MySQL on Linux, leading to a slightly slower website
  • It’s more expensive as licensing costs are included
  • Apache may be less stable on Windows than on Linux.

The only time you would require a Windows server is when you plan to use specific applications such as:

  • ColdFusion (Adobe script language)
  • NET
  • ASP Classic
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Linux vs Windows server for WordPress websites

When setting up your WordPress website, choose a web hosting company that offers a Linux OS – it’s cost effective and faster than Windows for your WordPress website.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!