Wordpress Updates And Improved Functionality For Business Website

Business Success Partnership

A Requirement For Responsive Support

Liz contacted WP Support Specialists for advice and help with her business website.  The website was outdated, and required WordPress updates plus further development to provide new features which would allow Liz, and the business, to grow interest in its services and boost the number of enquiries.

A fast turnaround on the WordPress updates, and a quick, but quality driven delivery of the new functionality was the order of the day – Liz was not disappointed.

The Importance of A Service Provider That Can Make Things Happen

Liz originally contacted her existing website support company to ask that they make the WordPress updates and provide a proposal to create new functionality within the website.

The response time for the WordPress updates and progress towards a proposal for the new functionality was taking far too long, so Liz reached out to WP Support Specialists for help.

WPSS started the update process and optimised the website and general setup.

A proposal to provide the required functionality and features was provided in a timely fashion which Liz accepted, and work started within 24 hours of the go-ahead.

What has the result of working with WPSS been? Liz says “The team kept me up to date with what they were working on and asked questions to clarify what I wanted. I have got exactly what I wanted on my website. Quality output, reliable with good communication throughout.”


Having experienced the customer service and customer care from WP Support Specialists, Liz say, “WP Support Specialists are professional, responsive, and listened to what I wanted to achieve.”
Sound simple, however, doing the simple things consistently, is often one of the hardest things to do. In summary “I would not hesitate to recommend WP Support Specialists” comments Liz.