Wordpress Ecommerce Site Taking Minutes To Load

Shakti Ellenwood Ethical Jewellery

Emergency WordPress Support for Ecommerce Website Taking Minutes to Load.

Shakti Ellenwood’s WordPress website is an online business that showcases her exquisite, ethical, handcrafted jewellery designs.

Shakti noticed that her website had begun to malfunction. She realised that each page of the WordPress ecommerce website was taking several minutes to load, which ultimately caused the website to become unusable for both her and potential customers.

The Importance of a Professional WordPress Service Provider

Shakti Ellenwood contacted her hosting support provider at the time to address the situation of her WordPress website’s malfunction. After ten days of labouring back and forth between her web developer, website host and theme support, the situation remained unresolved and her website was still inaccessible.

It was then that Shakti decided to contact WordPress Support Specialists for assistance. Shakti explained her dilemma and, within a matter of hours, the team had identified and fixed the problem and her website was up and running.

Following the nightmarish experience of having her website down for ten days, Shakti realised the importance of a fast, efficient and reliable support specialist for her business website and decided to shift her WordPress website hosting and support services to WordPress Support Specialists.


Shakti now has peace of mind that her business will never suffer again. Her website is now managed by a team of professional WordPress support specialists, who will ensure that it is regularly maintained – at an excellent price. “WP Support Specialists were able to solve my problem when I was getting nowhere with other support people.“ says Shakti.