Emergency Wordpress Support

Veronica Dearly

Emergency WordPress Support Evolves To Regular Maintenance

Veronica Dearly is an illustrator who creates humorous designs for greeting cards, stationery and the like.

Her online WooCommerce shop www.veronicadearly.com sells a range of these products to clients who appreciate her quirky approach.

When Veronica needed emergency WordPress support for her a WooCommerce problem, she hired WPSS.

Realising that prevention is better than cure, she signed up for a regular WordPress maintenance package after her emergency was fixed.

Don’t Let An Emergency Become A Disaster

In the past, Veronica had relied on her previous host’s generic helpdesk. But was dissatisfied with the service she received.

When she was implementing her new WordPress website. She had a WooCommerce problem and needed emergency WordPress support to quickly fix the problem.

WP Support Specialists were able to fix the problems without hassle. So that Veronica could get on with the all-important task of selling her wares to the general public.

Reflecting on the outcome, Veronica decided that ongoing WordPress support was the best course of action. So, to ensure that her website wouldn’t fail, and prevent her from making those all important sales.


Now that Veronica has ongoing WordPress maintenance for her eCommerce website. She is confident that her online shop is always backed up and in safe hands.
“The ongoing support from WP Support Specialists has always been efficient and full of good advice,” says Veronica.