WordPress Website Using A Specific Theme For A SaaS Product.


Wizu.com  is a conversational SaaS platform to help people effortlessly gather customer stories, case studies and testimonials. They make customer stories accessible to B2B organizations without huge budgets. 

Wizu.com has two products at the moment which are Wizu (surveys product hosted on wizu.com) and Wizu Stories. Wizu Stories is the new product that will be the primary product and be hosted on wizu.com. The existing survey product will exist as one page only.

Simon was looking for somebody to create a WordPress website using the Stratus theme (https://demo.themovation.com/stratus/home-saas-3/). The Wizu website is a Saas product, the current page for information is wizustories.com

There was to be no custom code and all updates were to be done using the theme alone, without additional plugins.

The site will be hosted on GoDaddy.  

Pages include:

  • Home page 
  • Pricing page
  • About us
  • Product page
  • Product page
  • Features page
  • Contact form
  • Blog


Simon wanted the site to look good using background graphics, and all aspects of the theme.  With the look, feel, and graphics to be similar to Intercom.com

Simon also required an infographic to represent the 7 stage process of the Wizu software.

The Wizu site was also to be SEO optimised.


We've had a great time working with Simon and building out his new SAAS website and creating a bespoke infographic for him. He's been a perfect client to work for. He provides the right amount of information and is easy to talk to via messages or video calls. He provides quick feedback and is appreciative of the work done. An ideal client and highly recommended to other freelancers and agencies out there.