Website Design And Development Of An Author Site

The Tamelinlight

Alexander engaged us to design a website using his existing art assets and domain name. New art can also be used.

His new site is to be the cornerstone of a digital marketing push for a small-press, modern Lovecraft-universe book trilogy. 

It needed to be easily updated by the author with additional art assets, news and blog entries, space for rotating book quotes and allow comments and emails from visitors.

Alexander did not want the site to look generic or prepackaged so he worked with us as an advisor to get the look and feel of the site right. 

The site had to include movement in the form of looping background scenes and rotating objects. 

We created a WordPress website in line with Alexander’s scope including an atmospheric introduction for the website and a website to match, with animations that continue to dovetail with the style of the author’s books.


Alexander’s project was very interesting and enjoyable. Quite an unusual project in that he was unsure exactly what he wanted but we worked through some iterations together and arrived at a point where, in his own words, it "Looks terrific and was perfect".