Slow Wordpress Website Damaging Sales

Prodigy Performance

Slow WordPress website driving an Australian e-commerce entrepreneur nuts!

Kerrie contacted WP Support Specialists for advice and help with her e-commerce website which was very slow.

Clicking to edit a page resulted in 50+ second delays before the content of the page appeared on screen.

Another 50+ seconds when checking orders, adding or editing a product in the store, the system was unusable.

Trying to process orders and respond to customer queries was painful. Kerrie was concerned that if the situation continued, she may lose business and customers would look elsewhere for their goods.

The Importance Of A True WordPress Service Provider

Kerrie originally contacted her hosting company to report the speed issues. After “investigating”, the support team provided a technical response which suggested the performance issues were related to the website itself. Put simply, the response time and progress towards a resolution was taking far too long.
Frustrated, and stuck between the hosting company and the developer of the website, Kerrie reached out to WP Support Specialists for advice “please help me with my Slow WordPress website.”

WPSS started optimising the website images and setup, however, soon found that there was a definite underlying issue that simple optimisation would not resolve.

Having experienced this type of issue previously, WPSS migrated the website from Australian based servers to their Advanced WordPress servers. The resultant speed improvement was immediate and reduced the time from 50+ seconds to 3 seconds.


Many standard hosting companies are quick to suggest speed issues are a result of the website itself, rather than look deeper at their own servers and infrastructure.
Having moved to WPSS Advanced Hosting, Kerrie can now update her site and process orders in a timely fashion. Her Slow WordPress website is a thing of the past.
When asked what she’d tell others about WPSS, Kerrie says, “Make contact and let them work their magic!”