Fixing A Hacked Website

Popcorn Design

WordPress Support To Resolve Website That Was Repeatedly Hacked

Popcorn Design is a company which offers exceptional branding and design, and creates stunning user-friendly websites.

They contacted WP Support Specialists with a problem – a hacked website which was getting repeatedly hacked.

In spite of using various WordPress freelancers and support providers, who appeared to fix the hack, the problem kept returning time and time again.

Finding the Back Door to a Repeatedly Hacked WordPress Website

Popcorn Design were having problems with a hacked website that kept getting hacked. They employed a number of WordPress freelancers who promised to fix the problem.
After the freelancers had checked out the website, identified and removed the malware, the website functioned properly for a short while. But it wasn’t long before it became infected again.

At this stage, Popcorn Design decided to turn to a professional WordPress support company – and chose to work with WP Support Specialists. We were able to not only identify and remove the malware, but identify the hidden back door where the infection kept re-entering the site. By closing down this entry point, the hacked website was fixed – and is now working optimally and continues to be malware-free.


Some website infections can be hard to track down and shut down. WP Support Specialists had to dig deep to find the cause of the repeated hacks, but their technical team were able to identify and fix the problem, where many other WordPress support providers had failed. “WP Support Specialists provide great service,” says Daniel.