Fix Wordpress Problems In A Hurry

iCAAD Events

My Website Was Going Live In Just A Few Days And I Needed Help In A Hurry!

Matt contacted WP Support Specialists for advice and to fix WordPress problems with his events website which was about to launch to the public.

He had built the website himself using a variety of plugins, photos and files which weren’t working well together.

Matt needed help to speed-up the site. He also required help to make sure the site looked as good as possible on desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

Initial WordPress Fixes Followed-Up By A Monthly Maintenance Plan

To fix WordPress problems, WPSS started optimising the website images and general setup.

Moving the self-hosted video to Vimeo, and fine tuning the number of plugins and sliders used, speeded-up the website, made it simpler to edit, and also a better place for visitors.

Matt says, “I contacted a few similar providers who offer WordPress support and maintenance. Kevin at WPSS was the only person to respond, which in my book, puts them head and shoulders above the rest already!”

With the backup and peace of mind that the WPSS Enhanced Maintenance package offers, Matt can focus on running the business and promoting the various events to potential attendees and sponsors.


When running a business, it’s important to focus on the things you’re good at, and that will make the biggest contribution to your goals.
Find a partner you can trust, a partner who can fill in the gaps so you don’t get bogged down with technology.
When asked what he’d tell others about WPSS, Matt says, “Go ahead and do it, it has definitely worked for me!“