Extremely Slow Wordpress Website

Crimeline Training Ltd.

Extremely slow WordPress website making updates and additions almost impossible

Andrew Keogh contacted WP Support Specialists late at night after another frustrating day attempting to update the company’s extremely slow WordPress website.

Clicking to edit a page resulted in 40+ second delays before the content of the page appeared on screen.

Another 40+ seconds when saving a page, a post, adding an image, or any other activity.

After completing some searches on Google, Andrew found WP Support Specialists and sent a request for help to solve the problem.

The Importance Of A True WordPress Service Provider

Andrew originally contacted his hosting company to troubleshoot and fix the extremely slow WordPress website problem he was experiencing. As expected, the support from a general website hosting provider in relation to WordPress issues was far from helpful. Because they simply don’t have the necessary experience or time to commit to support calls.
Like most other people who simply want to create content and add to their website. Andrew didn’t have the troubleshooting experience necessary to find the source of the problem.

WP Support Specialists migrated the site to their customised WordPress servers and started the troubleshooting process. So, immediately the website was 100% faster. However, it still wasn’t fast enough. Further troubleshooting identified a troublesome plugin which was at fault. Once removed, the website was back as it should’ve been making for a very happy client.


As with many business websites owners, there are limited time windows to update and add information in amongst all the other tasks people need to perform.
Having received excellent support and help from WPSS, Andrew can now update and add to the site without tearing his hair out. Days of the extremely slow WordPress website are now gone!
“WPSS offer great value for money and are highly recommended.” says Andrew.