Design & Development Of Custom WordPress Website With E-Commerce

Centre Neurofit


Yannick was looking for a WordPress expert to help implement a brand-new content-heavy website.

He wanted a website that integrated pages, a blog, and an e-commerce solution. The site had to be coherent with Centre Neurofit’s visual identity and it needed to be a responsive design.

The project was complex because the site will eventually be composed of about 250 pages with about 30 original pages..

All the others were to be duplicated from those developed template pages so we had to provide a solution that made that simple and easy in the backend of the site for Yannick’s admins.

One key feature of the project was to make the content-heavy nature of the site user-friendly and easy to find.

Yannick also wanted a back-end solution that allows for autonomy – the ability to duplicate and change template pages, as well as create new pages that are coherent with the design and visuals – that, as much as possible, allows him and his team to continue building the site by themselves.

Yannick was clear on what he wanted, providing us with detailed specs that included features and functionalities, architecture and graphics, but he was also open to listening to our recommendations based on our expertise.

Some of the technology on Yannick’s site includes:

* Multi-lingual in English and French
* eCommerce setup to pay for events, books, courses, and more with Stripe and Paypal integration
* Custom CSS
* Custom PHP/HTML
* Custom-coded blog posts template created using the Elemetor dynamic template system, PHP and custom fields
* Custom-coded functionality to allow visitors to save articles into a separate page, and print one or more at a time
* Megamenu
* Multiple forms with conditional logic using Gravity Forms
* Events system so visitors can read about and book events online
* Functionality to display and allow navigation of videos from clients’ Youtube channel



Yannick’s site is fully responsive for desktop/laptop/tablet and mobile and when his site was complete, we hosted it on our advanced WordPress Hosting Package to provide fast, secure, and reliable hosting for his new website.

The entire project was delivered within the promised timescales and budget.



Yannick is a gentleman and a great person to work with. We took his project from an initial document with ideas and design thoughts, through to delivering a fully functional, complex, multi-lingual website. There has been a huge amount of work on this project and it's been a pleasure to work with Yannick all the way through. He provides quality feedback and communicates clearly. He's just an ideal client!