Website Development / Wordpress Website Redesign & Strategic Consult

Apto Global


Apto Global is a social learning platform for guiding those who need to cross-culturally interact, travel or relocate, so they can feel at home no matter where they are or who they’re with. Together they want to help the world “speak human”. In the past year, they have overhauled their web app, and are in the process of adding native Android and iOS. They needed a website to match, including the addition of a Careers page/portal.

They wanted the website to appeal to Institutions of Higher Education such as the: Faculty + staff (particularly International + Study Abroad Directors who are responsible for marketing to, recruiting, onboarding, progressing or retaining students; Directors of Intensive English and/or Foreign Language Programs), Decision makers such as Trustees, Presidents and Provosts, and Students deciding on an institution or program, or progressing into, through or graduating from one.



Our USA-based client wanted a great website that creates a digital experience resulting in immediate downloads and/or purchases and word-of-mouth referrals. Before we started, we engaged in a strategic consultation around the best way to position the website, design and overall flow.


Rebecca and Milena were a pleasure to deal with throughout this project. There were a few changes along the way that added to the functionality and appeal of the website for our client and their visitors. Thanks for trusting us, Rebecca and Milena! We look forward to working with you in the future.