It’s every business owner and blogger’s nightmare – is my website hacked?  You may have noticed that your site isn’t operating as smoothly as normal, or, if you rarely use your own website (as you’re busy running your business), regular clients call to say the website isn’t working properly.

Nowadays, hackers are sophisticated and the signs that your site has been hacked range from “obviously something’s gone wrong” to “I have a sense all is not right”.  It’s important to identify if your website has been hacked as soon as possible – so you can take steps to get it fixed.  Here are 6 telltale signs to look out for.

Is My Website Hacked?  The “Obviously Something’s Gone Wrong” Signs 

1. Different Website Entirely

If you type your website url into your browser, or click a link for your site but find yourself on a completely different site (often one of a risqué nature), it’s highly likely you’ve been hacked.

Some hackers think it’s a jolly jape to hijack a website and redirect all traffic elsewhere but it won’t please your clients!

Take action immediately!

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2. Website disappears

When your browser tells you that your website doesn’t exist, don’t panic right away – check for simple solutions first: has the domain name expired?  Is the website down for maintenance? Is there an issue with your web hosting company? Once you’ve ruled out obvious alternatives, it’s time to consider that your website has been hacked

3. Browser alert

When trying to access your site, if you see the red malware screen, you have a definite problem that needs checking out.  Get on the case quickly – nothing so likely as to put the frighteners on clients as seeing this screen when they try to click to your site.

A big concern here is how long this has been an issue and how many visitors you’ve lost because of this. The nature of people is they are unlikely to reach out and tell you unless they are already a good customer.


has my website been hacked

4. Multiple Windows

If you click through to your website and multiple windows pop up, or when you click on various links on your site you find you are redirected to other sites.

If this is the case, all is not well, and it’s very likely devious hackers are behind the scenes.  Time to get your site checked out.


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5. Words That Don’t Belong

If odd words are popping up on your site, or strange links to other sites that you know nothing about, it’s probable you have been hacked.

6. No Access

If your normal log in to the admin area of your website is not working, a hacker may have got into the site via the Admin account or cPanel and changed the passwords.

Is My Website Hacked?  The “I Have A Sense All Is Not Right” Sign

7. Exceedingly Slow To Load

If your website is suddenly much, much slower than normal, and you get a timed out message before the connection can be made,  there may be hackers using your site to send out spam emails.

There are several problems with this

a) your clients won’t bother to wait to see if the site loads

b) if a connection can’t be made, then your clients will remember you as the company with the dodgy site

c) if hackers are sending out 1000’s of spam emails from your domain, your website is in danger of being blacklisted. You Internet provider may also cut-off your internet connection and your ability to send and receive email.


Would you like a free website hacking check? Contact us today!        Is my website hacked?


If you’re thinking then it’s best to seek professional advice as soon as possible.  Hacked websites not only prevent potential clients navigating their way around them without problem, but they can also offend your clients with inappropriate material and get your domain blacklisted in the eyes of the search engines – meaning you have no possibility to rank in search results.


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