Using WordPress is great, but when you add the Genesis framework and  a premium theme, magic happens. Genesis is a framework, obtainable from StudioPress, which is added to WordPress, and you can add child themes to it to customize the site’s appearance.  There are hundreds of free themes, but for the best support and flexibility, opt for a premium child theme, such as Enfold, or Avada.

Why Genesis?

There are many reasons to love Genesis, but you’ll only really see the difference if you try it out. Here are some of the reasons why I love it, and recommend it to all my clients:

1. Excellent Coding and Great Support

StudioPress developers maintain the Genesis framework, constantly updating it to reflect coding best practices that are compatible with the most up-to-date WordPress version. That means that updating to a new version won’t break your site.

Getting support is simple too – StudioPress provides support via support tickets or via the numerous threads in the forum. Also, many users blog about it, providing tutorials.

2.  You Won’t Lose Customisations When You Update

Since the framework uses child themes, changes are made to your child theme and not to the Genesis framework. Therefore, when you update the framework to reflect the latest WordPress compatibilities, your changes will remain on the “skin”, or child theme.

3.  It’s Cost-Effective

For a one-time payment of $60 for your framework, you have access to it forever. Add to it your child theme for anywhere between $20-$50, and you can create a spectacular site.  Each purchase of the Genesis framework or any child theme, also includes a developer license.

You could also opt for the Developer Pro Pack, which gives you access to over 60 child themes and all future child themes for only $400.

4.  Feature Rich, With Dedicated Plugins

Your installation comes with tons of features and hordes of plugins. But you don’t only have to use the dedicated plugins. You can also use any of the standard WordPress plugins to create the functionality you need.

5. Endless Customisation Options

With Genesis, you can do anything. You can add widgets and sliders and change the appearance. You can choose different sidebars, or do with the homepage whatever you wish.

There are many professional or premium child themes to choose from, but I recommend that you use a multi-purpose child theme, such as Enfold or Avada. These two highly supported child themes are incredibly powerful and come packed with a wide range of features. Most importantly, they follow the latest coding practices to ensure that your site works as it should.

You can’t go wrong with WordPress + Genesis + a Premium Child Theme. Contact us if you need advice or support.