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Should You Move Your Site from Squarespace to WordPress?

If you’re looking to create a high-impact website that will bring you more traffic, you need a powerful website builder. And if you’re currently wondering whether you should move your site from Squarespace to WordPress, this blog is for you. Both Squarespace and WordPress can help you create an eye-catching site that will help you […]

Moving from Wix to WordPress: Why You Should Migrate

If you’re new to the world of building websites, knowing whether moving from Wix to WordPress is a good idea can be a difficult decision. Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular website builders around today and while they’re both capable of producing a functional website, there are some key differences to be […]

Key Things to Look for When Selecting eCommerce Hosting

Without hosting, you wouldn’t be able to have an online store to begin with. However, eCommerce platforms are much more demanding than a regular three-page website. Online stores require secure and reliable eCommerce hosting that prioritises loading speeds and user security. Whether you’re new to the world of eCommerce or you want to take your […]

6 Security Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

Thousands of the world’s best websites are built on the WordPress platform. Unfortunately, this also means that they’re particularly prone to cyberattacks. If you have a WordPress site, you’re well aware of how many updates need to take place on a monthly and sometimes, a weekly basis. Failing to update your site and using third-party […]

Checking Up On Your WordPress Website Security: A Quick Guide

WordPress website security is a concern for all business owners, particularly those who collect customer data. If you’re running your site on the WordPress platform, know that it’s very safe. There’s a catch though. In order to keep your site hacker-free, you need to be actively involved in the security and maintenance. Whether your website […]