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Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org – WordPress.com vs WordPress.org We receive many requests for support from people who are hosting their website on WordPress.com. We take the time to explain the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org Unfortunately, we can’t help people who have their site on WordPress.com as they effectively host your site and it’s a […]

Best WordPress Themes

Using WordPress is great, but when you add the Genesis framework and  a premium theme, magic happens. Genesis is a framework, obtainable from StudioPress, which is added to WordPress, and you can add child themes to it to customize the site’s appearance.  There are hundreds of free themes, but for the best support and flexibility, […]

Installing WordPress Using cPanel

The best and simplest way to install WordPress, is to use a host who offers a cPanel functionality.  These hosts offer the functionality needed for your site to work as it should on the WordPress framework, and as such, it is available as a cPanel addon. That makes it simple to install via your hosting […]

How to Migrate Your Site to WordPress

Let’s face it – many web hosts start out fabulous, but after a while, their onerous practices, limited services or poor service standards make us wish we were with a different host. Thankfully, migrating a WordPress site to a different host is reasonably simple, whether you’re transferring from free WordPress.com hosting, or from a regular […]

WordPress Themes: Premium or Freemium?

Who doesn’t like something for free? When you look at all the hundreds of free WordPress themes available out there, it would seem that people who spend money on Premium themes are wasting their hard-earned cash… Or do they know something we don’t? Let’s find out the different between premium and freemium WordPress themes. Free […]

How to Create a New Page or Post in WordPress

Within WordPress, the Custom Post Type editors have the same functionality for Posts and Pages, with Posts having additional fields for categories, tags and featured images and Pages having page templates. If you have several plugins, the Pages view may be somewhat cluttered, but you can use the Screen Options function to show or hide […]

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

One of the main reasons why we love WordPress, is that it is completely scalable to your needs. Whether you want a simple personal blog, or a full-scale e-commerce store online, you can do it with WordPress. Added functionality is added to the WordPress framework by means of thousands of free plugins, and numerous premium […]